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Do we pray Jumuah Salah on Eid day? (If they coincide)

Posted on: 16 July 2015
Do we pray Jumuah Salah on Eid day? (If they coincide)

Praying Jumuah Salah is fard (compulsory) on Eid day based on the general verses of the Quran which shows the general obligation of Jumuah Salah. The hadeeth which apparently indicates that Jumuah Salah is optional on Eid day is referring to villagers upon whom Jumuah is not compulsory. 
This is the view of majority of the early Imams like Abu Hanifah, Malik and Shafi'i.
However Imam Ahmad understood the hadeeth to include everyone in it.

Hadeeth 1;
“I witnessed Eid with ‘Uthman bin. ‘Affan (Allah be pleased with him). He prayed and then left and then gave a sermon, saying: ‘Verily, two Eids have occurred simultaneously for you today, so whoever from among the people of ‘Aliyah (people who live in small villages) wants to wait for the Friday prayer may wait and whoever wants to leave may leave, for I have given him permission.’” (Saheeh Bukhari)

Imam Muhammad bin Hasan Shaybani (Allah have mercy on him) said after relating this hadith in his compilation of the Muwatta: 
“We adopt all of this. ‘Uthman only excused the people of ‘Aliyah from performing the Friday prayer because they weren’t from the people of the city. This is the position of Abu Hanifah.

Hadeeth 2;
Nu`maan ibn Basheer (RA) said that the Prophet (SAW) used to read in the two Eids and Jumu`ah Salaah (سبح اسم ربك الاعلى and هل اتاك حديث الغاشية), many times the days of Eid and Jumu`ah had coincided with each other, then He (SAW) used to read both these Surahs in both the Salahs (which proves reading both Salahs on the same day). 
(Jami Tirmidhi & Sunan Nasai)
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